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The Jewish people have a long and rich history in both the land of Israel and also in the Diaspora. Megamot Shalom is a charity that fights for the positive reality of Israel and against anti-Semitism.

We are an Israeli non-profit association which advises and contributes towards pro-Israel projects and organizations in Israel and abroad.
Megamot Shalom strives to promote education and educational tools and to strengthen the narrative the Land of Israel in public discourse.
Our organization aims to involve itself in initiatives that emphasize the ethos of Israeli historical trends, Israeli culture, Jewish traditions and the tribes of Israel and its heritage.
Megamot Shalom contributes to a range of initiatives in Israel and around the world, including organizations that fight anti-Semitism, grass-roots peace work, academic and educational programs, research grants and on line publications.

Our organization encourages debate between cultures and communities in both Israel and the Diaspora, and between Jewish and global thought.

By analysing trends in academic thought and expression on social media, Anti-Semitic hatred can be both quantified and defeated.


Strategic Objective

Megamot Shalom – Our strategic objective is to contribute to the social prosperity of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people and to preserve its values as both a Jewish and democratic state for all of its citizens and all its minorities.

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Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles of our funding strategy regarding all our programs and activities:

  1. We believe that the Jewish State of Israel is the homeland of all Jews and the only democratically-elected government in the region.

  2. We believe in the power of uniting individuals from diverse groups and backgrounds towards a common purpose of tolerance

  3. We always uphold the highest standards of integrity.

  4. We respect the other, even if we espouse radically different views.

  5. We recognize the existence of classical anti-Semitism and its modern-day expressions and we perceive our responsibility to combat these in whatever forms they take.

  6. We embrace the power of unity and collaboration, knowing that working together and supporting others can often yield impressive results that could not otherwise be obtained.

  7. We set high-performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals, as a team, and as one organization.

  8. We believe that all projects, platforms, applications and tools, should be both analyzed and evaluated for effectiveness, engagement and relevance and that a content blueprint formulated must always act in accordance with a combined strategic vision. 

Megamot Shalom shares a common cause with many other charities and organizations that espouse our mission and values.

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