Our Mission

Megamot Shalom’s mission includes a mandate to secure fair treatment and justice for all. Our mandate is to create a lens by exploring data trends through which to recognize where violence and hate can lead to if left unchecked.

Central to our mission is to assist various groups and organizations to fight antisemitism, to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment for all.

Since its founding, Megamot Shalom has played its role through the assistance of Israeli and Diaspora Jewish communities, both administratively and fiscally and in supporting efforts that combat anti-Zionist threats to the State of Israel as a whole.

We are supportive of those who evidence forward-thinking and effective strategies against various and wide-reaching threats to individual Jews, the Jewish people as a whole and to the Jewish population of Israel and its minorities. Efforts to undermine the State of Israel should be decisively and resolutely faced. This includes recognizing and dealing with the extensive funding network of anti-Israeli NGOs by European governments and extremist far-left and far-right organizations that seek to malign and harm Israel’s image throughout the world, damaging Israel’s economic growth and threatening the existence of Jews both in Israel and in the diaspora.

While we believe that we have accomplished a great deal in just a few short years, much work is still left to be done. We want an ever-more just and kind society. We constantly seek to support new programs, policies, and methodologies to expose and combat whatever holds us all back. We are focused on that which brings us closer to our ideals. Ours is a shared journey.

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Our objective is multi-focused. Millions of Jews are confronted with various forms of hate and prejudice. Antisemitism today may look different than in generations past but it is still existent and extant in across the globe. Antisemitism has morphed from the micro to the macro but still includes all aspects of the micro. The educational aspects of Antisemitism must necessarily include educational efforts at explaining the dangers towards Jews on both an individual and a national level.

Therefore, by analysing trends in academic thought and expression on social media, Antisemitic hatred can be both quantified and defeated.

Megamot Shalom supports those who have the courage to stand up to Antisemitism, whether it is deeply ingrained, centuries-old anti-Jewish bias or modern expressions thereof.

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Megamot Shalom works with diverse communities, associations, organizations and public entities that identify hate and mobilize people to work vigorously against it.

We offer advice to those who monitor extremism across the ideological spectrum. Our subject-matter experts (trend analysts, researchers, and technical specialists) strategically monitor, and provide information on extremist threat trends, on the internet and on the ground. We contribute resources and expertise that enable public officials, community and thought leaders, as well as internet and technology organizations to identify and counter emerging threats.

As an organization founded to promote the connection the Jewish People to their Land and to combat antisemitism and all forms of hate, our team values relationships with members of various communities, helping them be better prepared to thwart hate-motivated crime and providing assistance when they are targeted or threatened.

Our values inspire our efforts on behalf of all groups who experience any kind of discrimination. We passionately defend religious freedom and tirelessly advocate for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought. Thus, one of Megamot Shalom’s priorities is to assist in the proliferation of free-speech, educated opinions, and respectful dialogue without undermining free speech rights.

When diverse communities come together under a shared vision, change and unity are possible; as through combining visions, which were once disparate but become joined under the rubric of goodwill and understanding, we are no doubt stronger than we were as separate units.

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Since its birth in 1948, the Jewish homeland has faced consistent threats and challenges to its security and legitimacy from both hostile nations and from anti-Israel proponents across the international community. Megamot Shalom remains an unwavering supporter of the right of Jews to live in the State of Israel, advocating for a secure and stable democratic Jewish state.

We educate and inform the public about the most essential security, diplomatic and societal issues that could potentially hinder Israel’s prosperity.

Israel needs people to stand up now more than ever as it faces more threat, not only from enemy States but also from those seeking to de-legitimize and hamper Israel’s economic foothold like the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. We help our supporters understand the complex issues and advocate for a secure and stable democratic Jewish state. The campaign to delegitimize Israel is being waged across the globe: BDS targets multinational companies, college communities and well-known institutions, across multitudinous spectrums. BDS outright rejects Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and it is actually the most prominent effort to undermine Israel’s existence and stability. The BDS campaign is imbued with misinformation and distortion. Megamot Shalom responds to BDS threats through advocacy and education. Our team seeks to develop in-depth analysis and strategic initiatives to expose the illegitimacy of the BDS movement and subsequently marginalize it.

Megamot Shalom seeks to support those who engage with Israeli and international leaders, as well as thought leaders and provide assistance to the organizations regarding important societal, international and security issues that are vital to Israel’s vibrant democratic tradition.

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Megamot Shalom is invested in creating respectful, inclusive and civil environments. These goals also reflect our core values — values we actively promote in every community the organizations that we contribute toward are able to reach. We carry out this task globally and locally.

We work with a vast array of partners, and in any number of settings, from local to international, calling on every means available.

Change happens only when everyone understands how prejudiced beliefs and perspectives can lead to discrimination and violent actions; what threats to democracy and individual rights look like, including standing idly by; and what responsible, concerned, participatory citizens need to do to bring about a fair, civil society.

Megamot Shalom has a special interest in anti-bias education that teaches young people to embrace diversity and stand up to bias because we acknowledge that we are stronger together. Megamot Shalom provides advice regarding current, relevant curricula and customizable, tailored, interactive training programs that incorporate the latest opinion trends, analysis and research.

We always emphasize the importance of mutual respect among all societies, communities, and religions. At national, international and local levels, we nurture intergroup relationships, often calling on and sharing our Jewish values. We want to build bridges among ideologies, communities, and faiths, and to convene diverse groups to promote civil rights and solve common challenges.